Pudwill Berry Farms

Originally we started out growing raspberries as a seasonal crop but as our success with raspberries grew, so did our varieties. Today we grow Blueberries, Blackberries and every color of Raspberry imaginable. Also many other lesser known types of berries.

All orders will ONLY be delivered to the selected Farmer's Market and it's respective Day.  All products are sold by the flat.  There are 12 baskets per flat.
Select from our Product Categories or Click a Category below to view our all available varieties.

Jhonkeer Van Teets - Currants
Jhonkeer Van Teets
$55.00 (Flat)

Not Currently Available
Crandall - Currants
$55.00 (Flat)

Not Currently Available
White - Currants
This is a white current.
$55.00 (Flat)
Not available now

Not Currently Available
 - Currants

New currant variety. Test Product.
$5.00 (Flat)
Limited availability Call Now!

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